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CLAIR has developed a unique design for cooling of dust laden gas in a Air to Gas Heat exchanger.

For Efficient heat exchange, selection of heat transfer coefficient is the key. With dust laden gases, the cooling on tubes reduces the heat exchange and any heat-exchanger designed with normal heat transfer coefficient will not be meeting the cooling requirement.

CLAIR  has extensive experience in designing these heat exchanges and are able to size the heat-exchanges with required heat transfer area to operate with dust layer on tubes which is inevitable while handling dusty gases.

  • The Heat exchanger type - Gas to Gas
  • Dirty hot gases on tube side and cold air on shell side.
  • Sufficient heat transfer area is provided considering the resistances due to the films formed by dust in the dirty gases & other condensates which are predominant after continuous operation and care is taken to select appropriate heat transfer coefficient.
  • Practical design experience in deciding the heat transfer area.
  • Suitable tube diameters, with triangular pitch are designed in order to obtain the optimum gas velocity in the tubes and to obtain higher heat transfer.
  • Tube velocities and the direction of gases are selected in such a way that the deposits in the tubes are minimized.
  • Entry and exit of gases are designed for uniform gas distribution in the tubes and also to avoid excessive dust deposition on the tube sheet