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The pulse jet bag filters are used to clean dust laden gases emitted from process equipment of material handling, grinding mills etc.

These bag filters are widely used in utility boilers, cement, steel, sugar, chemical and pulp and paper industries.

Pulse Jet Bag Filter for  Slag Grinding Mill

Sizing of bag filters:

The bag filters are sized and designed to maintain a suitable air to cloth ratio depending on the application.  

Multi module bag filters are manufactured with properly designed inlet and outlet plenums for even gas distribution across all the modules. To ensure the uniform gas distribution, CFD studies are carried out using software tools like FLUENT, ANSYS etc.

The operating  temperatures are ranging from ambient to 240 Deg. C.   The operating pressures ranges from 500 to 1500 mm W.C.

Filter bag:

The filter bags are manufactured from wide variety of filter media/fabric with required surface treatments to suit different applications and characteristics of dust / gas to be handled by the bag filter.


The casing of the bag filters is optimally designed to house the filter bags and accurately fabricated to obtain optimum performance of the system. The bag to bag distance and the casing is sized to maintain low CAN velocity to minimize re-entrainment of collected dust.


Hoppers are designed with a valley angle based on the dust characteristics in such a way that the collected dust gets discharged in to the dust handling equipment easily.

Bag holding plate / Tube Sheet:

The holes on the bag holding plate are cut accurately on CNC laser cutting machines to ensure smooth surfaces and to mount the bags along with cage and ventury with leak tight fitment.


Cages are designed to have proper tolerances to obtain maximum bag life and manufactured under strict supervision to maintain dimensional accuracy. The cages are inspected for their verticality and straightness.


The venturi is designed for lower air consumption and to take higher pick up  of secondary air from the clean gases saving valuable compressed air.

Cleaning of filter bags:

The pulsing of compressed air is through suitably sized solenoids which are energized through microprocessor based programmable timers. The cleaning of the bags is interlocked to the differential pressure of the bag filter to avoid unnecessary cleaning, to enhance life of filter bags.