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For cleaning of high temperature gases reverse air bag houses are widely used in the industry.  Compared to the high pressure cleaning systems, the reverse air cleaning system used in RABH is most suitable for Woven and fragile high temperature filter media like fiber glass which can withstand operating temperatures of 230 – 250 Deg C.  RABHs are offered with offline cleaning systems and hence normally will be in modular constructions.

Clair RABHs are offered with both normal fiber glass bags and with fiber glass PTFE membrane filter media. The optimal air to cloth ratios are selected depending on dust concentrations and type of filter media. 

RABH for Cement Kiln / Raw Mill exhaust gases

Gas Distribution: 

Inlet & outlet plenums are designed ensuring uniform gas distribution across all the modules. To ensure the uniform gas distribution, CFD studies are carried out using software tools like FLUENT, ANSYS etc.

Casing & Hoppers: 

Casing, Hoppers etc are designed and manufactured and are fully leak proof thus avoiding the ingress of false air. The valley angle of hoppers is maintained for easy disposal of collected dust.

Filter Bag Cleaning:

RABHs are offered with offline cleaning wherein one module is under cleaning and other modules are in filtration mode. Each module is provided with inlet butterfly damper and outlet puppet damper to ensure isolation during the cleaning cycle. All the puppet dampers are operated pneumatically through a control panel. All the dampers are manufactured with highest quality standards to withstand high temperature and dusty operating conditions.

Temperature Control:  

Clair has capability to design manufacture and supply large size RABHs. It has supplied RABHs with a gas handling capacity of 4, 00,000 Am3/hr to 13,50,000 Am3/hr at 220 – 240 Deg. C