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Sizing of ESP depends not only on gas volume and temperature but also on physical and chemical properties of gas and particulates. The experience of CLAIR team dealing with various processes in industry have created a large data bank for sizing of ESPs for collection of particulates with varying physical and chemical properties. With the help of this databank, CLAIR is in a position to offer designed/sized ESPs to all process industries.

CLAIR has a team of personnel with more than 25 years experience in application engineering, design, manufacture, quality control, erection, testing and commissioning of ESPs.

ESP For  Clinker Cooler

Discharge electrodes:

Rigid Pipe & Spike discharge electrodes are made from deep drawn CRCA tubes, ensuring longer life by preventing breakage/snapping and ensures minimum arcing and allow considerable voltage resulting in higher efficiency .

Collecting Electrodes: 

Collecting plates are made from CRCA sheets of 1.2 to 1.6 mm thickness having structural rigidity to maintain consistent electrode spacing which is very essential for performance of ESPs at high efficiency.

Casing & Hoppers:  

Casing, Hoppers etc are designed and manufactured and are fully leak proof thus avoiding the ingress of false air. The valley angle of hoppers is maintained for easy disposal of collected dust.

Rapper Design:  

The Rapping system is designed to produce sufficient acceleration for collecting and discharge electrodes to handle dust of any resistivity. The system is designed to facilitate adjustment of rapping frequency / cycles depending on requirement at site. 

Power Controls:  

Microprocessor based Transformer Rectifier Controllers respond automatically  to changing precipitator operating conditions and provide maximum power at all times based on the programming designed for each application. The controllers have fully adjustable spark response control under-voltage / under-current control and alarm for component protection.

Gas Distribution:  

Gas Dsitrubution Screens / Vanes are designed based on CFD studies carried out using software tools like FLUENT, ANSYS. Uniform gas distribution ensures maximum collection efficiency of ESP.